Family Promise Opportunity

On Sunday night, September 8, we gathered at church to hear more from Tammy regarding a unique opportunity for Maranatha and several other churches in Holland. Family Promise, a national organization that seeks to find permanent housing for families by partnering with local churches, is looking to start a chapter in Holland. After many months of conversations and research, we’ve determined that our facility has ample size to house up to five families (maximum of 14 people) one week per quarter.

Now it’s your turn. This ministry will take some manpower in the form of bringing in meals each night, providing two overnight volunteers, move-in volunteers, and other volunteer roles. If you would be interested in serving families in this way, please sign up at church to show your interest in a role or two (or more!). If you have questions, please see Tammy.

Family Promise has given Holland churches until October 15 to commit to this ministry. If we don’t receive enough interest, then we will not commit to starting this ministry in our building.

To watch what Family Promise of Grand Rapids is all about, please watch the video below: