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Grace Space is a ministry taking place at Maranatha CRC. Grace Space is aimed at empowering individuals and families that are in financial need. Practically, we provide personal hygiene and cleaning products, but more importantly, we want to get to know them and ultimately develop a relationship with them. The Grace Space model creates the opportunity for meaningful and genuine connection between our church and the guests we serve.

We wish to demonstrate hospitality and invite our guests into fellowship with Jesus; He is the one we follow and we want to model through our actions and words what He teaches and encourage them to do the same.

Grace Space is different from a more traditional 'care closet' in that we focus on relationships, taking time to ask questions and listen to each guest's story. We want to bless them and encourage them to identify and use their gifts.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 616-396-1135.