We Believe series.jpg

Yes, really, a year.

At least a church year. Meaning September–June. So, ok, not exactly a year. But it’ll be a while.

Though, no—we will not parse every last word of the Creed to stretch out a series that long. That would, admittedly, be a bit much.

Instead, what we have in mind is to allow the statements of the Creed to frame different seasons of the coming months and to guide our selection of Scripture passages and themes for each season. So, for example, this fall we’ll focus on the following statement: “I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.” Since our faith statements—“I believe”—are in response to what has been revealed, we’ll begin the fall by listening to four claims made by God in the span of a few verses in Isaiah 45. After that, we’ll follow Abraham—“the father of faith”—in Genesis for a few weeks to see what “living by faith” looked like in his life. And we’ll conclude the fall by asking a few questions that might pester us from time to time given our allegiance to God the Father almighty. Questions like, “What about evil? And suffering? And God’s (apparent) silence (at times)?” After this, as we move into Advent and Epiphany, we’ll use the initial clauses in the Creed about Jesus Christ to guide our selection of texts and topics for those seasons. And so on.

Over the course of this coming (church) year, then, we’ll have the opportunity to consider again what it means to live by faith by looking at, among other things, the concept and content and cadences and commitments and conundrums and constraints and complications of faith. How this will all unfold isn’t spelled out precisely at this point, but we have enough for us to take our next step or two together. Which is kind of what living by faith feels like, right? So…onward!